3 Foods I avoid when I want to lose weight

By on November 15, 2016

“Can I eat Coconut Sugar and Honey whenever I want?”
“Do you eat muffins every day?”
“I can go Paleo, these desserts are delicious.”

These are a few comments I hear when I share Paleo dessert recipes. Yes, I love baking and I love making sweets. I have become a MAJOR sweet tooth post baby! I have had to do some serious detoxing because my addiction was BAD!

When people ask me these questions about Paleo, I tell them that I don’t eat sweets every day. My diet mostly consists of meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I reserve the paleo baking for special occasions or when I am cooking/ baking for others.

I tell people to follow these rules when they are struggling with weight- loss while they are maintaining a Paleo Lifestyle.

1. Gluten! (Seriously it is poison to you body, just give it up!) 

My first 6 months of Paleo, I avoided gluten and lost weight. After a few months, I began falling into the false 80/20 concept and cheated with gluten foods. My weight loss stopped and I began feeling bloated. I switched up my mindset and gave up gluten for good. No more bloating and my tummy is flatter than it was before I had kids! (Losing baby weight is possible! woohoo. Thanks PALEO!)

2. Alcohol

I haven’t had beer in almost 4 years (before that it was Gluten Free Beer- YUCK!) In fact, the only alcohol i’ve had in the past 3 years has been a few sips of wine at a wine tasting. I used to love drinking wine and beer but between Paleo, Pregnancy, and nursing, it just doesn’t have a role in my life anymore. Wine contains sugar, if you want to lose weight- lose your nightly wine! Most beer contains Gluten, this is going to destroy your gut and give you a beer (wheat) belly! Drinking calories is something we should avoid.

3. Sweets….Yes, even Paleo sweets!

If I notice my weight loss slowing or coming to a screeching halt, I immediately remove sweets and limit my fruit intake. Just because it is a natural sweetener, doesn’t mean that it is okay to eat all the time. We need to remember to build our plates full of meats and vegetables first.
21 Day Sugar Detox and Whole 30 are great examples of how your weight-loss can be achieved with Paleo.
Remember that Paleo 80/20 means having a Paleo sweet on occasion.

If you want to feel your best and lose weight, try taking these foods out of your diet.

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