Who says Eggs are the only breakfast food! 

By on November 15, 2016

Sauteed Carrots for Breakfast?? Why Not?

One of the greatest things I learned with Paleo and Whole 30 is that there are no rules to what you can eat at certain times of the day. Just because I was raised eating cereal or pancakes as a breakfast and chicken for dinner doesn’t mean thats how it always has to be!
I am a Rule breaker by nature. My husband always points out wet paint signs to me because he knows I can’t resist touching.
When I wake up and my body craves health fats and vegetables, I feed my body!
This morning Carrots sautéed in Ghee with Old Bay seasoning sounded amazing. Hey! I’m a Maryland girl, we put Old Bay on EVERYTHING!! YUM!!

Don’t stress about eggless options for breakfast, eat whatever you want!

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